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Come see where quality resale consignment never goes out of style.                                                                                                          
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Shop our online store at: has a photo gallery of available products, pricing, dimensions, and secure online pay options.

Come see where quality never goes out of style.


Wish to Consign With Us

Stop spinning your wheels and stop in to a brand new consignment experience! Recycling at its best! Sell it! Trade it! Donate it! More money for your gently used goods. High quality! Fun and Funky Merchandise!

For prompt consignment consideration of your quality, gently-used furniture, accessories, art and home decor, email photos and prices of each item available for resale.  All item's considered for consignment must have a resale greater-than $20.

When you consign with us you have the security of knowing we will advertise, professional display and intimately sell your consigned items. You will avoid the nasty negotiations, inconvenient interruptions, and anxieties, which come along with selling it yourself. All we ask is when you bring in your quality, gently used furniture, art and home décor, it is CLEAN and ready to sell.